Today, most products and services have become an 'Ocean of Sameness.” Branding is what transforms the commonplace into the prized, the familiar to the specialized and the boring to the magical. As more and more brands face the wrath of a fractured and highly cluttered media environment, what stands out and creates an impact is the challenge facing brand marketers.

The marketplace of today has been remapped, decentred, datashaped, revalued and self actualized. Suresh talks about how brands can satisfy multiple consumer needs or desires (that combine a spectrum of trends) vide a single innovation using real life examples.

Suresh speaks on what matters in today's market place for brands. He is of the opinion that brands need to create fans rather than customers to enjoy continued and unflinching loyalty. He is a fan of ' fanatic branding ', where fans create the momentum and the aura for brands to enjoy repeat value and augmented longevity. As we all know, the market today is moving in nano-second speed; what worked yesterday will not work today or tomorrow.

Over the years Suresh has helped launch, build and re engineer many brands including Stardust (the world's largest selling film magazine), Bose, Volkswagen, London School of Economics etc and shares his understanding with audiences through wit, chutzpah, insight and unconventional delivery styles. Suresh is a steadfast believer in disruptive innovation that is relevant and imperative and is always quick to share real life examples with his audiences.

Suresh is also the Managing Editor of Brand Knew magazine (a magazine that provides a holistic perspective on the world of brands and branding) published in both print and digital formats. The digital edition of Brand Knew can be downloaded from He has also been a regular contributor to Gulf News (UAE) on Media & Marketing with a column called Free to Air (click here). He is in the process of writing his first book slotted for release in the last quarter of 2013.