Mi(ne) Map

GUM (Ground Up Marketing) calls for a deep rooted understanding of the consumer insight and on ground realities of the market place. As a brand farmer and cultivator, Suresh drives businesses by a better understanding of the deficit areas and plugging new ideas and thoughts into hitherto unmet areas through a relentless bout of entrepreuenership and innovation.

In today's branding eco system, you need to be a son of the soil who understands true ground realities and respects GUM (Ground Up Marketing). In effect just like a farmer, till the land, sow the seeds, nurture the farm and wait for the harvest. Keep the cultivation of ideas as the top most priority and create opportunities to launch, incubate and revitalise brands through the spirit of disruptive entrepreneurship and rapid fire innovation. In the process you create what we call See Real Entrepreneurship! ISD Global (groupisd.com), Brand Knew magazine (brandknewmag.com), Showhow2.com, Manhattan Film Academy (mfacademy.com) are some of the initiatives that have come to fruition over the past few years.

Individuality begins at home. Every person is unique with multiple needs, desires ,wants, experiences,insight....as we move ahead, brands will increasingly cater to an emerging, relevant trend..the MADE FOR ONE, MADE FOR ME phenomena...its here already!

The perennial quest for brands to reach out to humans around the globe can be better realised through humanely possible means (the wheel has come a full circle). With so much in the offering for the consumer in terms of information, insight & intelligence, the boundaries have blurred between a professional and a consumer leading to the birth of the prosumer (there is also a presumer in the wings!). Its now only human for yours truly to go beyond in the quest for the seemingly unachievable, the hitherto unchartered, the thus far unthinkable. So go for the jugular, go you phoric!

The fundamentals of winning have not changed however tectonic the shift in the consumption landscape. A colossal amalgam of (W)integrity, (W)insight, (W)initiative, (W)intelligence, (W)innovation and (W)intuition will help brands stand out from their competition and help etch memorable experiences in the customer psyche....the W letter adds to the spirit of this philosophy of winning..

Winning can be made a habit: through a happy and consistent amalgam of initiative, integrity, insight, intelligence, intuition, inspiration and innovation. It’s not just about adding a letter
' W ' as a prefix to all of the aforesaid. Go ahead, create the winomenal era for you, your brand and your organisation!

Beliefs are formed through experiences and understanding. The world's most desired (and in extreme short supply) commodity is ' creativity '. An empowered task force with the freedom to fail forward and to question the status quo, operating in pleasure cooker (not pressure cooker) environments, will stand a better chance to consistently deliver WOW moments that attract, captivate and retain consumers..

The biggest crisis facing brands and organisations face in the 21st Century is the lack of creativity in leadership. The only way to create pleasure cooker (not pressure cooker) eco systems in organisations is to empower people to fail, fail forward at that. Consumers are increasingly marketing to marketers (rather than the other way around) through the 3P's: Price, Pressure & Politics and the more brands pull and engage (as against push & control) consumers, the more better off they would be. The belief that IQ and EQ will be the cornerstones of all brands and businesses is only further entrenched. IQ and EQ here stand for Initiative Quotient and Effort Quotient (and a departure from conventional expansions).